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  • Bioinformatics PhD / PostDoc / Job Rejection

    ...t take it personally. It's been usual processes while hunting for a good lab and professor. Take is positive, I am not sure why they reject, but don't worry perhaps the lab don't deserve you. Always rem...

    968 days ago

  • The DNA of a Successful Bioinformatician decoded !!!

    ...d the sentence "I did not know what to do!" In our computational biology lab, we generally face lots of te...w I typically do that is I use google and I talk to other experts in our laboratory or online biostar comm...

    1445 days ago

  • Structural variation: the hidden genomic treasure

    ...elated to SV/CNV detection and analysis. In our lab we analyse SVs/CNVs using ForestSV

    441 days ago

  • List of gene ontology software and tools

    ...ools are recommended to people working in a wet-lab. CLASSIFI (Department of Pat...filer/ DAVID : Gene Functional Classification (Laboratory of collective list of GO full set of terms available from the Gene Ontology proj...

    1448 days ago

  • Computer simulation of genetic mechanism !!

    ... BaySICS...d simulation software CoaSim CoaS...Pop program version.

    713 days ago

  • List of Research Institutes in India (Biological Sciences/ Biotechnology)

    A laboratory (normally lab) is a facility that provides contro...ath and physics. Regional Research LaboratoryBhubaneswar 751 013, Or...I is a World Health Organization Collaborating Center for Prevention...archHomi Bhabha Road, Navy Nagar, Colaba, Mumbai 400 005.Web: www.tif...

    102 days ago