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  • List of Biotechnology Research Laboratory, University, and Centre in India

    DEPARTMENT OF BIOTECHNOLOGY Centre For DNA Fingerprinting And Diagnostics (CDFD), Hyderabad ( Institute of Bioresources and Sustainable Development  (IBSD), Imphal, Manipur Institute of Life Sciences, Bhuvaneswar National Institute Of Immunology, New Delhi National Centre For Plan...

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  • Comparative genomics at James Cook Uni #ComparativeGenomics #Lab #JamesCook

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  • Noonan Lab at Yale #Bioinformatics #Lab #Noonan

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  • Fungal Comparative genomics lab #Bioinformatics #ComparativeGenomics #Lab

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  • Ten Simple Rules for a Computational Biologist’s Laboratory Notebook. #Notebook #Lab #Rules #Bioinformatics

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  • Bienko and Crosetto Labs

    We are two groups of scientists doing frontier research in quantitative biology and biomedicine. The Bienko group is interested in exploring the fundamental design principles controlling how DNA is packed in the eukaryotic nucleus and its relation to gene expression regulation. The Crosetto group...

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  • Software from #Steven #Salzberg, #Lab

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  • Salzberg lab

    We are a computational biology lab that develops novel methods for analysis of DNA and RNA sequences. Our research includes software for aligning and assembling RNA-seq data, whole-genome assembly, and microbiome analysis. We work closely with biomedical scientists to apply these methods to curre...

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  • Evolutionary Computational Genomics Lab

    We are interested in how microbes evolve, mostly focusing on Bacteria and Archaea. We utilize in silico approach, looking for answers by hacking into various genomic and metagenomic data sets.

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  • The Delft Bioinformatics Lab

    We focus on data-driven bioinformatics: creating algorithms to infer and exploit simple models of complex interactions, by coupling biological insights and available prior knowledge to high-throughput measurements. Our core expertise is in machine learning and pattern recognition. Major applicati...

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