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  • GrapheR !!!

    What a wonderful gem GrapheR is.... Oh yes it is. GrapheR is a GUI for base graphics in R by The package provides a graphical user interface for creating base charts in R. It is ideal for beginners in R, as the user interface is very clear and the code is written alon...

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    1196 days ago

  • Which of the following programming language is best for a bioinformatics beginner?

    I will be doing NGS in the course of my research work and I will like to learn a programming language which is compatible with most bioinformatics tools or software. I basically want to do de-novo assembly, map reads, align reads, and expression analysis. Recommendations welcomed. Which languages...

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    1174 days ago

  • Which math/statistics programming language/application do you most frequently use in bioinformatics?

    I'm doing a bit more statistical analysis on some bioinformatics things lately, and I'm curious if there are any programming languages that are particularly good for this NGS computation. What suggestions do you guys have? Are there any languages that have exceptionally good libraries?

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    1170 days ago

  • Drag and drop programming language #Programming #Language

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  • The EVE programming language # Programming #Language #EVE

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    350 days ago