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  • What a bioinformatician should must know ?

    As a bioinformatician, we learn several progamming languages, complex biological mechanism, and many more. But, there have been always a curiosity to know that what should a bioinformatician MUST read and learn.

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    1620 days ago

  • A great place to learn coding #Coding #Learn #Online

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    1373 days ago

  • A Brief Bioinformatics Tutorial

    This is about how to use a computer to find what is known about a gene of interest and also how to get new insights about it. The tutorial is divided in three main parts: In the Sequence part, you will see how to look efficiently for a particular protein sequence, how to blast it against the ...

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    1306 days ago

  • Useful R resources @ #R #Stats #Learn #Tutorial #Material #Learn #Course

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    1296 days ago

  • Pimp your brain: Bioinformatics

    Jan Lisec from the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology explains, in this "pimp your brain" episode, what bioinformatics is and why bioinformatics is so important and indispensable for biological research. In the video serial "Pimp your brain" scientists from the Max Planck Institu...

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    1215 days ago

  • Learn Galaxy at #Galaxy #Learn #NGS #Genomics

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    1243 days ago

  • The Upside of Failure: How Regional Student Groups Learn from Their Mistakes #Learn #Mistake #ISCB

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    1206 days ago

  • Learn R by yourself?

    Hi. I m a new to R and biostatistics. Do you think is possible to learn R by yourself? Can you recommend me some book or same web site for that? Thank you very much!

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    1032 days ago

  • Coding Ground

    Online coding group for most of the programming languages. Code in almost all popular languages using Coding Ground. Edit, compile, execute and share your projects, 100% cloud.

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    1006 days ago

  • Lets start learning codes #Learn #Code #Programming #Websites

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    954 days ago