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  • ShRec3D There are two options to run ShRec3D (on linuX only so far): the first one u...ther library to be installed but only works with the latest versions of Linux (equivalent to Fedora 19 and...

    1125 days ago

  • SLURM for setting up a SLURM installation, currently focused on a CentOS 7 Linux OS. Please send feedback to See the SLURM homepage (also

    630 days ago

  • Linux command line exercises for NGS data processing

    ...urrent directory, change directory (cd) to the linuxTutorial folder, and do all th...ce-srv2 ~/]$ cp -r /home/opt/MScBioinformatics/linuxTutorial . [uzi@quince-srv2 Illumina Amplicons Processing Workflow. In Linux, we use a shell that is a pro...

    581 days ago

  • Cava Deployment Tools

    ...p;   MS Windows XP and later 32 and 64 bit.    Linux 32 and 64 bit - minimum glibc 2.5, GTK+ 2.10, libstdc++6.    Linux 32 bit  RHEL 3 and 4.&nb...

    1623 days ago

  • Minia a set of contigs. Minia produces results of similar contiguity and accuracy to other de Bruijn assemblers (e.g. Velvet). Download Minia 2.0.7 Linux 64-bits binaries (Source...

    412 days ago

  • RStudio

    RStudio IDE is a powerful and productive user interface for R. It’s free and open source, and works great on Windows, Mac, and Linux. The developers and expert trainers are th...

    1124 days ago

  • Stand-alone programs for Bioinformatician

    This directory contains applications for stand-alone use, built specifically for a Linux 64-bit machine. For help on the bigBed and bigWig applications see:

    612 days ago

  • J-Circos

    ...ver display and zoom in/out functions. J-Circos uses the Java computer language to enable it to be used on most operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux). Users can input data into J...

    341 days ago

  • Barrnap: Bacterial ribosomal RNA predictor

    ...ut, and write GFF3 as output. It uses the new NHMMER tool that comes with HMMER 3.1 for HMM searching in RNA:DNA style. NHMMER binaries for 64-bit Linux and Mac OS X are included and...

    257 days ago

  • Mash: fast genome and metagenome distance estimation using MinHash

    Mash is normally distributed as a dependency-free binary for Linux or OSX (see This source distribution is intended for other operating...

    42 days ago