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  • Is Linux OS necessary for Bioinformatics? If yes which one is the best for NGS analysis.

    I am currently working on NGS, and looking for a nice OS to handle huge amount of genomics data with an ease. Someone suggested me that Window OS will be a bad idea to use for NGS analysis. I need your valuable suggestion for the best. Thanks

    Tags: NGS, OS, Linux, Window, Best

    1330 days ago

  • Search Shell Command History

    We use couple of hundreads of command in daily basis. Most of them are actually repeated several time. The question remain open how do I search old command history under bash shell and modify or reuse it? Now a days almost all modern shell allows you to search command history if enabled by user. ...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Linux, History, Search, Find, Delete, Shell, Command

    1321 days ago

  • Count the number of "pattern" occurrence in a file grep -o 'pattern' anc.annots.gff | wc -l #Linux #grep #Count #Number #Occurrence

    Tags: Linux, grep, Count, Number, Occurrence

    1323 days ago

  • Linux one-liner. #Linux #Oneliner #NGS

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    1291 days ago

  • To count number of fasta entries, I use: grep -c '^>' mySequences.fasta #Perl #Count #Number #Fasta #Linux #Grep

    Tags: Perl, Count, Number, Fasta, Linux, Grep

    1283 days ago

  • The syntax to remove last character from line or word is as follows: x="foo bar" echo "${x%?}" #Remove #Last #Bash #Linux

    Tags: Remove, Last, Bash, Linux

    1258 days ago

  • replace a word in all files in a directory: grep -lr --exclude-dir=".git" -e "oldword" . | xargs sed -i "s/oldword/newword/g" #Replace #Word #Linux

    Tags: Replace, Word, Linux

    1239 days ago

  • Print the PYTHONPATH python -c "import sys; print sys.path" #Pythonpath #Linux

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    1166 days ago

  • VirtualBox share folder #VirtualBox #Linux #Share #Folder #Help

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    1078 days ago

  • Bioinformatics WalkIn at NII

    ADVERTISEMENT OF WALK-IN-INTERVIEW NAME OF THE POST : Bioinformatician (Part time 3 days in a week) (One Position only) DURATION : One Year NAME OF THE PROJECT : Next generation sequencing facility EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS : At least a Masters degree in Bioinformatics and Bachelors ...

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    872 days ago