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  • Fork Bomb Bash script for your Linux OS its copies continually replicate themselves, quickly taking up all your CPU time and memory :(){ :|: & };: #Freeze #Bash #Linux #Fork

    Tags: Freeze, Bash, Linux, Fork

    871 days ago

  • Want to Moves Your Home Directory to a Black Hole then only use this command mv ~ /dev/null #Command #Linux #Script #Move #Blackhole

    Tags: Command, Linux, Script, Move, Blackhole

    871 days ago

  • Display top 10 Mrmory resource intensive processes in order $ line=$(ps aux | head -n 1) && echo $line; ps aux | sort -nrk 5 | head #Display #Top10 #Memory #Processes #Linux #Trick

    Tags: Display, Top10, Memory, Processes, Linux, Trick

    869 days ago

  • #Bodhi #Linux, the Enlightened Linux Distribution and featuring the Moksha Desktop.

    Tags: Bodhi, Linux

    787 days ago

  • #Mount a #window desktop folder name "WinLinDesktop" in virtual #Linux OS $ sudo mount -t vboxsf WinLinDesktop Desktop #LinuxTrick

    Tags: Mount, window, Linux, LinuxTrick

    721 days ago

  • BioLinux Ubuntu Desktop folder and files disappeared !!

    Restarted my BioLinux ubuntu computer after an update, and when I logged back in, I noticed that all of my files went missing. Instead of Desktop folder, icons of all of my home folder are showed on desktop. Then I thaught it migh be a problem of graphical display and I opened the terminal out o...

    Tags: Linux, Ubuntu, Updates, Desktop, Disappeared, Nautilus, Config, Edit, BioLinux

    708 days ago

  • GLIBC_2.14 error with SatsumaSynteny !!

    I run SatsumaSynteny on my server using following command: [jit@hm satsuma-code-0]$ ./SatsumaSynteny -q Genome/renamedG.fa -t Genome/genome_v4.fasta -o Genome/OutFile -m 128 -ni 10 -n 256 -chain_only But it kill the program with followng error:  ./SatsumaSynteny: /lib64/ version...

    Tags: Satsuma, Synteny, SatsumaSynteny, BLIBC, Redhat, Linux, Server, Comparative Genomics, Alignment

    657 days ago

  • Update NCBI BLAST database in your local Linux system $ update_blastdb --passive --decompress nr nt #BLAST #Updates #NT #NR #Linux

    Tags: BLAST, Updates, NT, NR, Linux

    588 days ago

  • Grep all the processor in Linux system $ grep "^processor" /proc/cpuinfo | tail -n 1 | awk '{print $3}' #Grep #OS #Linux #Processor

    Tags: Grep, OS, Linux, Processor

    588 days ago

  • Cheatsheet for Linux !!

    Linux Commands Cheat Sheet    File System    ls — list items in current directory    ls -l — list items in current directory and show in long format to see perimissions, size, an modification date    ls -a — list all it...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Cheatsheet, Linux

    581 days ago