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  • Linux Cheat Sheet

    In an attempt to find a good Linux reference for bioinformatician and BOL readers, I was unsuccessful at finding a decent one on the Internet. So, we decided to make a cheat sheet for biological programmers.

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    1655 days ago

  • Is there any quick way to check the installed Perl modules from Linux/Unix command line.

    We always need to keep track of all the Perl modules, and install new one if required. Generally, whenever we run the Perl script it flash error message with the name of module not installed. I would like to know the quicker way to check the installed modules on any system/server.

    Tags: Unix, Linux, Perl, Modules, Command Line

    1649 days ago

  • Installing Perl GD Module

    In comparative genome analysis work, we usually compare more than two genomes and looks for syntenic regions amongst them. In my research I used Evolution Highway (RH), which is a collaborative project designed to provide a visual means for simultaneously comparing...

    Tags: Perl, GD, Modules, Circos, Evolution Highway, MAc Os, MS Window, Linux

    1642 days ago

  • How to find Operating System name using perl script?

    Hi All, Recently I started working on severs/clusters for my biological analysis. I am struggling to find the operating system(OS) detail information before running my scripts. Can you please tell me how to find OS name using perl script?

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    1627 days ago

  • OSDDlinux : Computational resources for drug discovery

    Open Source Drug Discovery (OSDD), a mission to provide affordable drugs for poors, is in the process of creating an in silico plateform for designing, discovering and simulating drugs. OSDD have initiate number of projects to support in silico drug discovery, including OSDDlinux and computationa...

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    1580 days ago

  • VI(Visual) Editor Reference manual #Linux #Vi #Editor #Commands

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    1576 days ago

  • rename all *.txt as *.bak: find . -name "*.txt" | sed "s/\.txt$//" | xargs -i echo mv {}.txt {}.bak | sh #Linux #Rename #Oneliner

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    1324 days ago

  • Linux for bioinformatician !!!

    Linux, free operating system for computers, provides several powerful admin tools and utilities which will help you to manage your systems effectively and handle huge amount of genomic/biological data with an ease. The field of bioinformatics relies heavily on Linux-based computers and software. ...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Linux, Tools, Commands, Command lines

    1407 days ago

  • Linux SSH Client Commands for Bioinformatics

    Here come on let play with the following basic command line usage of the ssh client.1. Check your SSH Client Version:Checking for your SSH client is very sare, but sometimes it may be necessary to identify the SSH client that you are currently running and it’s corresponding version number. ...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Linux, SSH, Example

    1408 days ago

  • Syntax for Secure Copy (scp)

    In our day to day research activity, we need to securely copy our data from several to local computer and visa-versa. I am jotting down some of the commonly used SCP command for your future help. Hope you all will like it What is Secure Copy?scp allows files to be copied to, from, or between d...

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    1404 days ago