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  • List of bioinformatics companies worldwide #Companies #Worldwide #Bioinformatics #List #Name

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    1092 days ago

  • Join the result of ls -1 into one line and delimit it with comma : newStr=$(ls -m *.txt) or mystring=$(printf "%s," *) #Bash #Comma #String #List #ls

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    1017 days ago

  • List of Bioinformatics Software Tools for Next Generation Sequencing

    Commercial tools Strand NGS offers many different tools including alignment, RNA-Seq, DNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, Small RNA-Seq, Genome Browser, visualizations, Biological Interpretation, etc. Supports workflows “one can import the sample data in FASTA, FASTQ or tag-count format. In addition, ...

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    374 days ago

  • List all kernels dpkg --get-selections | grep "linux-image-[[:digit:]].*" | tr "\t" ";" | cut -d ";" -f1 #Kernels #Linux #List

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    214 days ago

  • List of GOI approved peer reviewed bioinformatics and computational biology journals

    Unfortunately, we now live in a world where the integrity of peer-reviewed journals is being threatened by the rise of the academic version of fake news – something many call “predatory publishing".  Mostly in academic publishing world, "predatory open access publishing" is an ex...

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