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  • List of GOI approved peer reviewed bioinformatics and computational biology journals

    Unfortunately, we now live in a world where the integrity of peer-reviewed journals is being threatened by the rise of the academic version of fake news – something many call “predatory publishing".  Mostly in academic publishing world, "predatory open access publishing" is an ex...

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    303 days ago

  • List of universities offering Bachelor or Master bioinformatics degree in Pakistan

    There are a lot of universities offering Bachelor or Master degree in Pakistan. Following are the list of few intitute/universities Bachelor/ BS Bioinformatics at1. Al-khair University, Bhimber2. Government College University, Faisalabad3. University Of Agriculture, Faisalabad4. Comsats Institut...

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    246 days ago

  • List of Research Institutes in India (Biological Sciences/ Biotechnology)

    A laboratory (normally lab) is a facility that provides controlled conditions in which scientific or technological research, experiments, and measurement may be performed. The aims of bio/medical research are also broad, including:• Understanding mechanism of disease• Understanding the...

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    100 days ago