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  • Sequence assembly with MIRA 4

    MIRA is a multi-pass DNA sequence data assembler/mapper for whole genome and EST/RNASeq projects. MIRA assembles/maps reads gained by electrophoresis sequencing (aka Sanger sequencing) 454 pyro-sequencing (GS20, FLX or Titanium) Ion Torrent Solexa (Illumina) sequencing ...

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    531 days ago

  • MiraConvert #MIRA #Assembler #Convert

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    285 days ago

  • Genome assembly tutorial #assembly #Tutorial #MIRA #IonTorrent

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    172 days ago

  • How to resolve following error in MIRA?

    Looking for files named in data ...Pushing back filename: "clean_a2017.R1.fq"Could not determine filetype from data 'clean_Avaga2017.R1.fq' ("clean_a2017.R1.fq")Pushing back filename: "clean_a2017.R2.fq"Could not determine filetype from data 'clean_a2017.R2.fq' ("clean_a2017.R2.fq")Fatal error (m...

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    147 days ago

  • How to redirect MIRA temporary file to non-NFS mounted location ?

    I run MIRA on my dataset and got the following error. I have /tmp directory mounted on non-NFS protocol. I wanted to use it for temporary location. How to do that? Sorry, M new to MIRA. WARNING WARNING WARNING! It looks like the directory MIRA uses for temporary files /home/user/MIRA/mira_4.0...

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    132 days ago

  • What is the difference between _c and rep_c types of consensus sequences in MIRA?

    MIRA produces contigs with varied names: 1)>projName_c[number] 2)>projName_rep_c[number] What is the difference between these two types of consensus sequences?

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    32 days ago

  • MIRA paper

    Motivation: This article presents a method for as­ sembling shotgun sequences which primarily uses high confidence regions whilst taking advantage of additional available information such as low con­ fidence regions, quality values or repetitive region tags. Conflict situations are r...

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    7 days ago

  • How MIRA follows for the ref based assembly?

    MIRA follows for the ref based assembly (like mapping the reads on the reference with xxx, etc.) and if its possible to have a figure with the workflow.

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    438 days ago