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  • Installing Perl GD Module

    ...he installation of the GD module:perl Makefile.PLmakemake testmake installAnd don't forget to run exit to get back to CPAN.   Install on MS Window, using PPM C:\Documents and...

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  • #Mount a #window desktop folder name "WinLinDesktop" in virtual #Linux OS $ sudo mount -t vboxsf WinLinDesktop Desktop #LinuxTrick

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  • GrapheR !!!

    ...console. Adding and changing legends? Messing around with the plotting window settings? It is much easier/ data set.library(GrapheR)data(iris)run.GrapheR()This will bring up a window that helps me to create the c...

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  • Installing Perl GD Module

    In comparative genome analysis work, we usually compare more than two genomes and looks for syntenic regions amongst them. In my research I used Evolution Highway (RH), which is a collaborative project designed to provide a visual means for simultaneously comparing...

    Tags: Perl, GD, Modules, Circos, Evolution Highway, MAc Os, MS Window, Linux

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