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  • Best book Titles for Learning Bionformatics

    Nothing can add to our intellect more than reading a book.  In books, we can experience new things that we would not normally be able to experience. It is proved that books can change our lives and other people’s lives. Reading can make us more intelligent, updated, imaginative. Withou...

    Tags: bioinformatics, computational biology, machine learning, statisitics, data mining, algorithms, sequence analysis, structure analysis, database, phylogeny, genes, strings, MSA

    1652 days ago

  • Des Higgins: Visualizing Multiple Sequence Alignments

    Copyright Broad Institute, 2013. All rights reserved. Des Higgins ( gives a very entertaining introduction to the visualization of multiple sequence alignment, and to his widely-used Clustal tool. He highlights the emerging challenge of managing alignments with a very lar...

    Tags: MSA, Visualization

    1456 days ago

  • MSA tools , #MSA #Alignments

    Tags: MSA, Alignments

    1444 days ago

  • There is a new tool "Mugsy" which is a multiple whole genome aligner. #MSA #Alignments

    Tags: MSA, Alignments

    1444 days ago

  • Toy example comparing several MSA algorithms #Alignment #MSA #Algorithms

    Tags: Alignment, MSA, Algorithms

    196 days ago