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  • mafTools

    Bioinformatics tools for dealing with Multiple Alignment Format (MAF) files.

    Tags: Bioinformatics, MAF, mafTools, Alignment, Multiple

    637 days ago

  • maf2synteny

    A tool for converting for recovering synteny blocks from multiple alignment (in MAF fromat) This tool is a standalone version of Ragout module [http://fenderglass.github./Ragout]

    Tags: Tool, Conversion, Recover, Synteny, Blocks, Multiple, Alignment, MAF, Format, maf2synteny

    275 days ago

  • SIMA C++ Implementation: Simultaneous Multiple Alignment of LC/MS Peak Lists

    This is the c++ implementation for SIMA - Simultaneous Multiple Alignment of LC/MS Peak Lists. The package contains C++ source code as well as two binary files. The latter were tested under various operating systems, including Windows XP SP3 32bit, Windows Vista 32bit, Windows 2008 Server, Window...

    Tags: SIMA, C++, Simultaneous, Multiple, Alignment, LC/MS, Peak, Lists

    86 days ago

  • Mugsy: multiple whole genome alignment tool

    Mugsy is a multiple whole genome aligner. Mugsy uses Nucmer for pairwise alignment, a custom graph based segmentation procedure for identifying collinear regions, and the segment-based progressive multiple alignment strategy from Seqan::TCoffee. Mugsy accepts draft genomes in the form of multi-FA...

    Tags: Mugsy, multiple, whole, genome, alignment, tool

    71 days ago

  • Mulan: MUltiple sequence Local AligNment and conservation visualization tool

    Mulan performs multiple (2 or more) sequence alignments with an efficient and rapid "full local" alignment strategy that ensures a recapitulation of evolutionary sequence rearrangements (such as inversions and reshuffling) in any of the species. It combines refine and tba tool...

    Tags: Mulan, MUltiple, sequence, Local, AligNment, conservation, visualization, tool

    212 days ago