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  • Meraculous: De Novo Genome Assembly with Short Paired-End Reads

    We describe a new algorithm, meraculous, for whole genome assembly of deep paired-end short reads, and apply it to the assembly of a dataset of paired 75-bp Illumina reads derived from the 15.4 megabase genome of the haploid yeast Pichia stipitis. More than 95% of the genome is recovered, wi...

    Tags: Meraculous, De Novo, Genome, Assembly, Short, Paired-End, Reads

    110 days ago

  • Meraculous: Haplotype-sensitive Assembly of Highly Heterozygous genomes.

    Meraculous is a whole genome assembler for Next Generation Sequencing data geared for large genomes. It is a hybrid k-mer/read-based assembler that capitalizes on the high accuracy of Illumina sequence by eschewing an explicit error correction step which we argue to be redundant with the assembly...

    Tags: Meraculous, Haplotype-sensitive, Assembly, Highly, Heterozygous, genomes, Meraculous-2D

    67 days ago