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  • VirMet

    Watch out: only a few files are counted in coverage statistics. Full documentation on Read the Docs. A set of tools for viral metagenomics. virmet is called with a command subcommand syntax: virmet fetch --viral n, for example, downloads the bacterial database. Other available subcom...

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    Metagenomics sequencing projects collect samples of DNA from uncharacterized environments that may contain hundreds or even thousands of species. One of the main challenges in analyzing a metagenome is phylogenetic classification of raw sequence reads into groups representing the same or similar ...

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  • GroopM: Metagenomic binning toolset

    GroopM is a metagenomic binning toolset. It leverages spatio-temoraldynamics (differential coverage) to accurately (and almost automatically)extract population genomes from multi-sample metagenomic datasets. GroopM is largely parameter-free. Use: groopm -h for more info. For installation and us...

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    112 days ago

  • Multigenome assembly

    This project contains scripts and tutorials on how to assemble individual microbial genomes from metagenomes, as described in: Genome sequences of rare, uncultured bacteria obtained by differential coverage binning of multiple metagenomes Mads Albertsen, Philip Hugenholtz, Adam Skarshewski, Gen...

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  • Metagenomics assembly workshop !!

    Welcome to the one-day metagenomics assembly workshop. This tutorial will guide you through the typical steps of metagenome assembly and binning. The Tutorial Data Set FastQC Quality Control Assembly Velvet Assembly MEGAHIT Assembly IDBA-UD Assembly Ray Assembly Gene Predi...

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