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  • Jitendra Narayan

    About me: ResearchGate @ PubMed @

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  • NCBI Remap

    NCBI Remap. This tool is conceptually similar to liftOver in that in manages...lso available through a simple web interface or you can use the API for NCBI Remap. More at

    652 days ago

  • NCBI Prokaryotic Genome Annotation Pipeline

    NCBI Prokaryotic Genome Annotation Pipeline...ransposons and other mobile elements. NCBI has developed an automatic based methods. The first version of NCBI Prokaryotic Genome Automatic...ble for download or use outside of the NCBI environment. https://www.ncb...

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  • The tool automatically downloads and unpacks the selected NCBI Blast databases from NCBI ftp server #NCBI #Database #Download

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  • NCBI Updated Tree Viewer #NCBI #Viewer #Tree #Updates

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  • NCBI Webinar

    In less than two weeks, NCBI will offer a webinar entitled "Introducing 3 NCBI Resources to Navigate Testing for Disease Linked Variants: MedGen, GTR and ClinVar". This webinar will delve into the lifecyc...

    1266 days ago

  • BLAST+ updated !!!

    ...o be updated to 2.2.31 (see this BLAST Help page for more information). For a full list of improvements, see the release notes. More at

    892 days ago

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  • Shendure Lab

    ...onal genomics. Our interests in each of these areas are outlined briefly below, and a full list of publications is available via PubMed.

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  • Java and BioJava Magic

    Java and BioJava Magic

    ...bioinformatics. This group is dedicated to discuss the features, uses, and application of BioJava in biological researchs. Reference @

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  • Download mutliple fasta file from NCBI in one GO!!

    if you have less time, then use three ways mentioned in bookmark link to extract/download all fasta sequences in single click given that you already have a list of GIs or accession IDs . Alternatively, use one liner perl script: perl -ne 'if(/^>(\S+)/){$c=$i{$1}}$c?print:chomp;$i{$_}=1 if @A...

    Tags: fasta, multiple fasta, ncbi, entrez, perl

    1556 days ago

  • NCBI PSI-BLAST Tutorial Tutorial for PSI-BLAST, an extension of BLAST that uses matrix algebra. BLAST is a cornerstone bioinformatics tool at NCBI. BLAST is the Basic Local Alignment Search tool and will protein and DNA sequences that are related to a sequence that the user provides.

    Tags: PSI Blast, BLAST, NCBI, Alignment, Search, Sequence

    1555 days ago

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