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  • Next generation sequencing(NGS) books

    Employing different technologies, the purpose of NGS platform is to decode the identity or modification on the nucleotides. NGS platforms evolve quickly and capture the main stream. This bookmark is created to provide NGS online books links.

    1096 days ago

  • GAM-NGS: genomic assemblies merger for next generation sequencing

    GAM-NGS is a tool able to merge two or more assemblies in order to improve contiguity and correctness. It can be used on all NGS-based assembly projects and i...

    11 days ago

  • NGS Tutorial

    These tutorials are written for hundreds of bioinformaticians trying to cope with large volume of next-generation sequencing (NGS) data. NGS technologies brought a dramatic shift in the w...

    267 days ago

  • Bioinformatics algorithms tutorials

    Useful bioinformatics tutorial, such as De Bruijn Graphs for NGS AssemblyAlgorithms for PacBio ReadsSoftw...e Concepts for BioinformaticsFinding us in (Search Algorithms)NGS Genome and RNAseq Assembly -...

    1071 days ago

  • GAM-NGS: genomic assemblies merger for next generation sequencing

    GAM-NGS (Genomic Assemblies Merger for Next Generation Sequencing), whose primary goal...or more assemblies in order to enhance contiguity and correctness of both. GAM-NGS does not rely on global align...

    162 days ago

  • BioScripts

    ...ase bookmarks them for the benefits of bioinformatics community. NGSand Perl scripts https://code....

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  • Scripts

    Useful script for NGS analysis.

    181 days ago

  • Orione – a web-based framework for NGS analysis in microbiology

    End-to-end NGS microbiology data analysis requires a diversity of...lines to build complex, reproducible workflows for NGS microbiology data analysis. E...Fotia G. (2014) Orione, a web-based framework for NGS analysis in microbiology. Bio...

    1042 days ago


    ...ard is a stand-alone program for scaffolding pre-assembled contigs using NGS paired-read data. It is uniqu...l. The input data is given by pre-assembled contig sequences (FASTA) and NGS paired-read data (Illumina/45...

    25 days ago

  • Scarpa

    Scarpa is a stand-alone scaffolding tool for NGS data. It can be used together with virtually any genome assembler and any NGS read mapper that supports SAM...

    321 days ago