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  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Tutorials

    ...Cornell University provide an NGS workshop tutorial at  You can also ad...============================ NGS data analysis pipelines De...ic-phd-school/course-schedule/ngsmetagenomics/ RNASeq:http://w...

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  • New RNA Seq tool

    "By removing the time-consuming step of read mapping, the authors reported, Sailfish able to provide quantification estimates 20–30 times faster than current methods without loss of accuracy." Tool link:

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  • Bioinformatician stuck in wet-lab

    ...rmatics groups 2. Talk to your computing group 3. Obtain clear expectations 4. Rewrite your job description 5. Papers 6. Attend bioinformatics meetings 7. Try first, ask later

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  • Next generation sequencing(NGS) books

    Employing different technologies, the purpose of NGS platform is to decode the identity or modification on the nucleotides. NGS platforms evolve quickly and capture the main stream. This bookmark is created to provide NGS online books links.

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  • Bioinformatics algorithms tutorials

    Useful bioinformatics tutorial, such as De Bruijn Graphs for NGS AssemblyAlgorithms for PacBio ReadsSoftw...e Concepts for BioinformaticsFinding us in (Search Algorithms)NGS Genome and RNAseq Assembly -...

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  • Orione – a web-based framework for NGS analysis in microbiology

    End-to-end NGS microbiology data analysis requires a diversity of...lines to build complex, reproducible workflows for NGS microbiology data analysis. E...Fotia G. (2014) Orione, a web-based framework for NGS analysis in microbiology. Bio...

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  • Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV) tutorial

    The Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV) from the Broad Center allows you to view several types of data files involved in any NGS analysis that employs a reference genome, including ho...

    1016 days ago

  • COSMOS, our workflow management system for NGS data

    ...MOS, our Python-based management system for implementing large-scale parallel workflows focusing on, but not restricted to, large-scale short-read "NGS" sequencing data is open-acce...

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    ...gner. Originally designed to handle sequences the size of human chromosomes and from different species, it is also useful for sequences produced by NGS sequencing technologies such...

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  • BioScripts

    ...ase bookmarks them for the benefits of bioinformatics community. NGSand Perl scripts https://code....

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