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  • Ron Milo Lab

    This research group brings the tools of systems biology to bear on the grand challenges of sustainability. The lab members and I are passionate about trying to understand the cel...

    1339 days ago

  • Anders Krogh Lab

    ...ofile HMMs (refs). Since then I have applied HMMs to membrane proteins (refs) and gene identification (refs) and have worked on methods for such things as discriminative estimation...

    1301 days ago

  • The Graveley Lab

    ...o understand how these processes are regulated at a mechanistic level and to understand the logic of these processes in significant biological settings. To achieve these goals, we s...

    1251 days ago

  • GABi

    ...ysis of Residues on Protein Families Gene/Protein Networks Genome structure & base composition Highthroughput data analysis from NGS Lab Page http://gabi.cidbi...

    1234 days ago

  • Zhang Lab

    We develop and use integrative bioinformatics approaches to extract biological meanings from experimental data and generate hypotheses for experimental validation. Please explore our website to learn more about our people and our research. More at

    847 days ago

  • Przeworski lab as examples, DNA sequence conservation among distantly related species can help identify functional roles too subtle to be detected in lab settings, while analyses of population...

    433 days ago

  • The Kingsley Lab

    ...ough the genomes of many organisms have now been completely sequenced, Kingsley lab still know relatively...NA sequence changes that underlie interesting species-specific traits. Kingsley lab laboratory is using a...

    324 days ago