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  • RAMICS substantially outperforms other mapping approaches for alignment of coding DNA to reference sequences. #Tools #Alignment #NGS #RAMICS

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    1343 days ago

  • SPAdes Genome Assembler! #Genome #Assembler #Omics #NGS

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    1343 days ago

  • #NGS #SNP #Variants #RNASeq

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    1343 days ago

  • WGS/WES Mapping to Variant Calls - Version 1.0! #Omics #NGS #WGS #SNP

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    1285 days ago

  • Live webinar on long reads! #PacBio #LongReads #NGS #Omics #Seq

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    1341 days ago

  • Genomic Medicine - Bruce Korf (2014)

    May 21, 2014 - Current Topics in Genome Analysis 2014 A lecture series covering contemporary areas in genomics and bioinformatics. More:

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    1342 days ago

  • Orione – a web-based framework for NGS analysis in microbiology

    End-to-end NGS microbiology data analysis requires a diversity of tools covering bacterial resequencing, de novo assembly, scaffolding, bacterial RNA-Seq, gene annotation and metagenomics. However, the construction of computational pipelines that use different software packages is difficult due t...

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    1313 days ago

  • Linux one-liner. #Linux #Oneliner #NGS

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    1324 days ago

  • Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV) tutorial

    The Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV) from the Broad Center allows you to view several types of data files involved in any NGS analysis that employs a reference genome, including how reads from a dataset are mapped, gene annotations, and predicted genetic variants.

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    1324 days ago

  • COSMOS, our workflow management system for NGS data

    COSMOS, our Python-based management system for implementing large-scale parallel workflows focusing on, but not restricted to, large-scale short-read "NGS" sequencing data is open-access published via Advance Access in Bioinformatics (Gafni et al. 2014).  It is also available for download fo...

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    1313 days ago