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  • Does anyone have Nanopore latest updates?

    There was a lot of buzz about Oxford Nanopore Technologies® is developing t...efence and more. The platform technology uses nanopores to analyse single molecules...ns. With a broad patent portfolio, the Oxford Nanopore pipeline includes biological...

    1520 days ago

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  • Analysis tool for Oxford nanopore data!! #nanopore #omics #seq

    1278 days ago

  • An R package to enable visualisation of nanopore sequencing data !! #Nanopore #Omics #Seq

    1273 days ago

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  • 1mb long DNA with Nanopore technology

    The first continuous DNA read of more than a million bases (>1Mb) has been achieved, using Oxford Nanopore sequencing technology. Congratulations to Martin Smith and collaborators! Read more:

    35 days ago

  • Sequencing By Xpansion

    ...molecules using the SBX molecular expansion technology. The DNA sequence is then read out as the Xpandomer reporters pass sequentially through a nanopore detector. SBX is a molecular...

    951 days ago

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  • Data Analyst / Scientific Programmer job openings at Oxford Nanopore (Oxford)

    Oxford Nanopore is seeking a motivated, talented Data Analyst / Programmer to join our data analysis team. They are looking for people good in C++, math and biological signal processing to further develop their data analysis software. Data Analyst / Scientific Programmer https://www.nanoporet...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Oxford, Nanopore, Data Analyst, Scientific Programmer

    1626 days ago

  • An R package to enable visualisation of nanopore sequencing data !! #Nanopore #Omics #Seq

    Tags: Nanopore, Omics, Seq

    1273 days ago

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