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  • Sorghum genome Sequenced!!

    Sorghum, a staple food for 500 million resource-poor people in marginal environments and a model for other important crops, sorghum holds vital genetic resources as humanity confronts the nexus of food crisis and climate change. The recent research provides an unmatched resource to respond to the...

    Tags: Sorghum, Crop, Genome, Nature

    1567 days ago

  • Infected planet..

    This pic shows the my thinking about earth..this is my own creation!........if we think about earth in big view humans are very small object on earth like virus.... they infected the earth by disturbing in natural process of earth...... (one more thing... In this pic god is a imaginary...

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    1545 days ago

  • The Kingsley Lab

    The Molecular Basis of Vertebrate Evolution. Naturally occurring species show spectacular differences in morphology, physiology, behavior, disease susceptibility, and life span. Although the genomes of many organisms have now been completely sequenced, Kingsley lab still know relatively little ab...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Evolution, Genomics, Vertebrate, Adaptation, Nature, Stanford

    562 days ago