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  • Biggest Human Brain Project (HBP) launched!!!

    "In neuroscience, the project will use neuroinformatics and brain simulation to collect and integrate experimental data, identifying and filling gaps in our knowledge, and prioritising future experiments. In medicine, the HBP will use medical informatics to identify biological signatures of br...

    Tags: Brain, Neuroscience, HBP, Human, neuroinformatics, simulation, modelling, medical informatics, neurorobotics, microchips, neuromorphic computing, neural network, neurogenetics, optogenetics, brain mapping, sequencing

    1530 days ago

  • Your stress/depression came from ancestor

    "A study published in Nature Neuroscience finds that stress in early life alters the production of small RNAs, called microRNAs, in the sperm of mice. The mice show depressive behaviours that persist in their progeny." Source:

    Tags: Neuroscience, sequencing, micro RNA

    1322 days ago

  • BrainSpan Atlas of the Developing Human Brain

    The BrainSpan atlas- web source for revealing transcriptional mechanisms involved in human brain development. Article: Paper:

    Tags: neuroscience, brain, transcription, microarray, brain mapping

    1350 days ago