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  • Next generation sequencing in R or bioconductor environment

    There are many R software and bioconductor packages for NGS data analysis, some of them are as follows Biostrings The Biostrings package from Bioconductor provides an advanced environment for efficient sequence management and analysis in R. It contains many speed and memory effective string con...

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    1356 days ago

  • Commercial and public next-gen-seq (NGS) software

    Integrated solutions CLCbio Genomics Workbench - de novo and reference assembly of Sanger, Roche FLX, Illumina, Helicos, and SOLiD data. Commercial next-gen-seq software that extends the CLCbio Main Workbench software. Includes SNP detection, CHiP-seq, browser and other features. Commercial. Wind...

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  • Internship program with ArrayGen Technolgies

    Internship Program for Bioinformatics / Biotechnology Professionals Currently we offer positions to outstanding students interested in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data analysis. Applications are accepted throughout the year. Accepted students will be listed on web with their schedules. Accep...

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  • Integrated mRNA and microRNA transcriptome analysis in Strand NGS

    Using a nasopharyngeal carcinoma case study, this paper highlights the integrated transcriptome analysis capabilities of Strand NGS demonstrating the identification of miRNA – mRNA interactions in regulatory networks.Read the application note on Integrated mRNA and microRNA transcripto...

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