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  • ONT assembly and Illumina polishing pipeline

    This pipeline performs the following steps: Assembly of nanopore reads using Canu. Polish canu contigs using racon (optional). Map a paired-end Illumina dataset onto the contigs obtained in the previous steps using BWA mem. Perform correction of contigs using p...

    Tags: ONT, assembly, Illumina, polishing, pipeline

    62 days ago

  • SPAdes hybrid genome assembly

    When you have both Illumina and Nanopore data, then SPAdes remains a good option for hybrid assembly - SPAdes was used to produce the B fragilis assembly by Mick Watson’s group. Again, running will show you the options: This produces: SPAdes genome ...

    Tags: SPAdes, hybrid, genome, assembly, ONT, Nanopore

    58 days ago

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