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  • Virtual Bioinformatics Online Tutorial

    There are several vitual online bioinformatics training centres. Here I provide (Univ of London) , UK Free online bioinformatics courses! s-sta...U Bioinformatics Program ISCB Training information Penn Database and Lectures Bioinformtics Online lecture ( I ) Bioinformti...

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  • Introduction to Bioinformatics

    Bioinformatics (Genomics) Biocomputing i...ramming Tutorial Jose R. Valverde's training course documents Principles...ologists Jose R. Valverde's 'dirty' training course documents Algorithms...ting tutorial at EBI Bioinforamtics Training Resources -Links to an e...

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  • Bioinformatics Articles links

    ...nuary 1993. Medical Informatics Training at Stanford University Scho...scribing our medical informatics training program, the nature of the cu...about bioinformatics curricula. Training in a Hybrid Discipline, ...atricia O'Connell, Business Week Online, June 7, 2001. A true believer...

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  • Ruby Language

    Ruby was created by Yukihiro Matsumoto, who wished to create a new language that balanced functional programming wi...newbie-feedback.html Books Free Online R...

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  • Awesome perl frameworks, libraries and software - PART 4

    tjstein/php5-fpm-munin-plugins - A set of Munin plugins for PHP5-FPM perusio/...l5-Alien/Alien-Base - Base classes for Alien:: modules Ovid/example-test-training-material - Sample Code F...

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