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  • OSDDlinux : Computational resources for drug discovery

    Open Source Drug Discovery (OSDD), a mission to provide affordable drugs for poors,...iscovery, including OSDDlinux and computational resources for...ery. Overall objective of OSDDlinux is to promote open source in drug discovery, crowdsourc...

    1547 days ago

  • Life Sciences and Open Source Storage

    The scientific and research community tends to be a budget and grant driven environment, and the need to scale storage can often be sudden and unexpected. Traditional a...

    130 days ago

  • OpenCPU

    OpenCPU is a system for embedded s...nd reproducible research. The OpenCPU server provides a reliable...ata analysis based on R. The OpenCPU JavaScript client library...JavaScript available today. OpenCPU uses standard R packaging...eb applications. Several open source example apps are available fr...

    896 days ago

  • translate2R

    ...esents itself as a tedious and error-prone task, and represents a rather large obstacle for many analysts and companies to migrate to a modern, open source data management and analysis...

    1123 days ago

  • Download assemblies from NCBI

    ...d use check boxes (see left side of screenshot below) to refine the set of genome assemblies of interest. Then, just open the “Download assemblies” menu, choose the source database (GenBank or&nbs...

    217 days ago

  • Scalpel

    ...s in next generation sequencing data sets. Scalpel, which is open source and available for download on SourceForge, outperformed the p...e, to account for simple sequence repeats that are a regular source of error in indel calling. Wh...

    1216 days ago

  • Real time Sequencing

    “... we now know we can do high-throughput sequencing at any location on Earth,” Moroz said. Source:

    1323 days ago

  • Your stress/depression came from ancestor

    "A study published in Nature Neuroscience finds that stress in early life...m of mice. The mice show depressive behaviours that persist in their progeny." Source:

    1323 days ago

  • Supposedly Educational R get the latest binaries version from here. (or the .tar.gz source code from here). The any suggestions or remarks on the package – you are invited to open an issue in the github page.

    593 days ago

  • NGS course Medical Genomics, scheduled for 17-20 September 2013 in UZ Leuven (Belgium).

    This course is open to all students and postdocs and registration for all academic participants is free of charge. To help us in organizing the course, please register...

    1588 days ago