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  • Opera: An optimal genome scaffolding program

    Opera (Optimal Paired-End Read Assembler) is a sequence assembly program ( ). It uses information from paired-end or long reads to optimally order and orient contigs assembled from shotgun-sequencing reads.An updated version called OPERA-LG has b...

    Tags: Opera, optimal, genome, scaffolding, program

    84 days ago

  • FOGSAA: Fast Optimal Global Sequence Alignment Algorithm

    Sequence alignment algorithms are widely used to infer similarirty and the point of differences between pair of sequences. FOGSAA is a fast Global alignment algorithm. It is basically a branch and bound approach which starts branch expansion in a greedy way taking the symbols from the given pair ...

    Tags: FOGSAA, Fast, Optimal, Global, Sequence, Alignment, Algorithm

    73 days ago

  • HINGE: Long-Read Assembly Achieves Optimal Repeat Resolution

    Software accompanying "HINGE: Long-Read Assembly Achieves Optimal Repeat Resolution" Preprint: Paper: An ipython notebook to reproduce results in the paper can be found in thi...

    Tags: HINGE, Long-Read, Assembly, Achieves, Optimal, Repeat, Resolution

    12 days ago