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  • Painless package development for R

    Devtools makes package development a breeze: it works with R’s existing conventions for code structure, adding efficient tools to support the cycle of package development. With devtools, developing a package becomes so easy that it will be your default layout whenever you’re writing a...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, R, Dev, Package, Devtools, RPackages, Tutorial

    510 days ago

  • RCircos: an R package for Circos 2D track plots

    RCircos package provides a simple and flexible way to make Circos 2D track plots with R and could be easily integrated into other R data processing and graphic manipulation pipelines for presenting large-scale multi-sample genomic research data. It can also serve as a base tool to generate comple...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, NGS, R, Rcircos, Package, Plot, Circle, Genome, Genes, Visualization

    493 days ago

  • clusterProfiler

    statistical analysis and visulization of functional profiles for genes and gene clustersBioconductor version: Release (3.3)This package implements methods to analyze and visualize functional profiles (GO and KEGG) of gene and gene clusters.Author: Guangchuang Yu <guangchuangyu at>...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, clusterProfiler, GO, R, Package, Omics, Genes, Cluster

    465 days ago

  • progressiveCactus

    Progressive Cactus is a whole-genome alignment package. Distribution package for the Prgressive Cactus multiple genome aligner. Dependencies are linked as submodules

    Tags: Progressive, Cactus, Whole-genome, Alignment, Package, progressiveCactus

    130 days ago

  • PhylOligo: a package to identify contaminant or untargeted organism sequences in genome assemblies

    Genome sequencing projects sometimes uncover more organisms than expected, especially for complex and/or non-model organisms. It is therefore useful to develop software to identify mix of organisms from genome sequence assemblies. PhylOligo, a new package including tools to explore, identify and...

    Tags: PhylOligo, package, identify, contaminant, untargeted, organism, sequences, genome, assemblies

    46 days ago

  • sangerseqR

    This package contains several tools for analyzing Sanger Sequencing data files in R, including reading .scf and .ab1 files, making basecalls and plotting chromatograms.

    Tags: Bioinformatics, package, Sanger, Sequencing, R, reading, .scf, .ab1, files, plotting, chromatograms

    26 days ago

  • dnaSP: analysis of nucleotide polymorphism from aligned DNA sequence data

    DnaSP, DNA Sequence Polymorphism, is a software package for the analysis of nucleotide polymorphism from aligned DNA sequence data. DnaSP can estimate several measures of DNA sequence variation within and between populations (in noncoding, synonymous or nonsynonymous sites, or in various sorts of...

    Tags: DnaSP, DNA, Sequence, Polymorphism, software, package

    19 days ago

  • R4RNA: A R package for RNA visualization and analysis

    Check out the tutorial vignette for a short demo of how to use functions in the package. All figures created by the web interface are possible using the package with just a few command calls. Features: Customized figure legends and titles Customized figure sizes, resolution, and ...

    Tags: R4RNA, R, package, RNA, visualization, analysis, bioinformatics

    11 days ago