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  • Perl one-liner for bioinformatician !!!

    ...where knowing a little bit of Perl onliner is extremely helpful. Perl one-liners are small and awes...files at once, and many more. Perl one-liners will make you the...only non-empty lines in a fileperl -pe '$_ = ++$a." $_" if /rege...squo;x’ 50 character longperl -le 'print join ", ", map { o...

    1334 days ago

  • Rosalind Problem Solution with Perl

    ...puzzle at I will provide solution of all the Rosalind problem with Perl for community. Check out the...

    958 days ago

  • PerlOneLiner for Bioinformatician

    ...------- # Double space a fileperl -pe '$\="\n"'perl -pe 'BEGIN { $\="\n" }'perl a pattern (emulate grep -c)perl -lne '$a++ if /regex/; END {p...Time) and local computer timeperl -le 'print scalar gmtime'perl...print encode_base64("string")'perl -MMIME::Base64 -0777 -ne 'pri...

    8 days ago

  • Bioinformatics Web Application Development with Perl

    ...dash;were easy to create with Perl and CGI. Thanks to Perl's ubiquity as a language for...faces and powerful backends. Perl is still well suited for deve...most mature of the modern top Perl web frameworks, yet it retain...ode. Because it builds on the Perl DBI, it scales everywhere fro...

    27 days ago

  • Perl Special Vars Quick Reference

    ...p id of process. $) Effective group id of process. $0 Program name. $^O Operating System name. Perl Status Info $] Old: Version and patch number of perl interpreter. Deprecated....

    350 days ago

  • Edit distance application in bioinformatics !

    ...The module Text::Levenshtein::Damerau defaults to using a pure perl implementation, but if you've...hing of text based on edit distance. Text::Fuzzy::PP is a pure perl implementation of the same in...

    47 days ago

  • Useful Links for Bioinformaticians

    ...ava/FAQs-and-Tutorials.html Perl Tutorials

    836 days ago

  • Most Commonly used Awk by Bioinformatician

    ...pace delimited data. Although you can achieve all its functionality with Perl, awk is simpler in many pract...$0);print}' input.txt   OK now here's where to read this stuff properly explained. roll Two thoroug...

    1618 days ago

  • List of bioinformatics open source projects/software.

    ...age) BioJava Java (programming language) BioMOBY registry of web services BioPerl Perl lang...

    1462 days ago

  • Import R Data

    ...Excel spreadsheet and returns a data frame. The following shows how to load an Excel spreadsheet named "mydata.xls". This method requires Perl runtime to be present in the...

    195 days ago