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  • Perl Maven tutorial by Gabor Szabo

    I personally reccoment this tutorial for Perl users. More detail

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    1628 days ago

  • How to separate FASTA sequences by their name in files?

    I have one big file with lots of fasta sequences. I would like to separate the sequences by their name in files. Can anyone please help me to do so. Thanks for your time. Sample fasta sequences in file: >SBI_03055_PP_HisKa|Streptomyces bingchenggensis BCW-1MSSSDAARTGSAEGARDSKRVRTRRTLRDWIVDVC...

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    1628 days ago

  • Perl in a day !!

    This pdf based tutorial in good resource to understand the basic of Perl in a day

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    1626 days ago

  • Perl for bioinformatics scripts ... useful scripts at #Perl #PerlScripts

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    Skills: Bioinformatics, Next Generation Sequence Analysis, Genomics, Database Development, Perl, PHP, MySQL, Python

    427 days ago

  • Perl Poem: Parse it in both Perl and English!

    Larry's, er, corpus has fortunately been overshadowed by that of the reigning Perl Poet, Sharon Hopkins. She has written quite a few Perl poems, as well as a paper on Perl poetry that she presented at the Usenix Winter 1992 Technical Conference, entitled "Camels and Needles: Computer Poetry Meets...

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    1624 days ago

  • Madhvan Reddy

    I am new to bioinformatics. I recently join B.Tech Bioinformatics courses. Wish to interact amonst other bioinformatician and learn new things.

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    1336 days ago

  • Citrus Perl

    Citrus Perl is a binary distribution of Perl created for GUI application developers. The distribution includes wxPerl, the Perl wrapper for wxWidgets. Where supported by the operating system wxWidgets is available as a package for the 2.8.x stable branch and the 2.9.x development branch.

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    1622 days ago

  • Cava Deployment Tools

    Cava Packager allows packaging of applications written in Perl. Packaged applications can be distributed without the need for an installation of Perl on the target machine. Cava Packager is currently distributed under a free to use license. Supported Perl VersionsThreaded Perl with a shared libp...

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    1622 days ago

  • Which Perl distribution should I choose for bioinformatics study : ActivePerl, Strawberry Perl, DWIM Perl, Citrus Perl ?

    I'm new to bioinformatics and recently started learning Perl. I found several rival distributions available for Windows platform, which confuse me at the begining. I google it and found that Strawberry comes with additional dev tools to compile CPAN modules if necessary. Whereas ActivePerl ...

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    1621 days ago