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  • Manshi Raghubanshi

    I recently join Bioinformatics as a post grad student. My interest is in genomics and next generation sequencing technologies. I love to explore the area and do my research in it.

    Skills: Biotechnology, Bioinformatics. Creative writting, Perl, C, C++

    1068 days ago

  • To check: Does an array has all equal values. if (keys %{{ map {$_, 1} @test }} == 1) { # all equal } #Tipsoftheday #Perl

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    1622 days ago

  • A quick guide to Perl #Perl #QuickGuide

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    1622 days ago

  • Generate N base genome: perl -e '@b=qw/A T G C/;print ">Genome\n";while($l<N){print @b[int(rand(4))];$l++;}' #Tipsoftheday #Perl

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    1608 days ago

  • Number all lines in a file; perl -pe '$_ = "$. $_"': #Tipsoftheday #Perl

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    1608 days ago

  • To get all the module dependencies for program. $ #Perl #Tipsoftheday

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    1621 days ago

  • Bioinformatics 101 - Running BLAST

    How to format the database for BLAST, run the command, view the output file, and use BioPerl and Perl to parse the output. By David Francis, Ohio State University. Delivered live at the Tomato Disease Workshop 2010. For more information, please visit

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    1602 days ago

  • To round a floating-point value to a certain number of decimal places: $rounded = sprintf("%.2f", $unrounded); #Tipsoftheday #Perl

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    1616 days ago

  • Perl and BioPerl Tutorials

    This bookmark is created to store the useful Perl and BioPerl tutorial links at one place. Feel free to share and add more useful tutorial links here ....   

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    1609 days ago

  • GenBank to FASTA format conversion, Written By Junguk HUR #Perl #FASTA #Genbank

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    1574 days ago