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  • Aaryan Lokwani

    A bioinformatician @ research lab.

    Skills: Perl, BioPerl, Python, BioPython, Linux

    1174 days ago

  • Perl scripts for science and engineering #Perl #Scripts

    Tags: Perl, Scripts

    1589 days ago

  • Radha Agarkar

    A bioinformatician from Maharashtra, India

    Skills: Perl, BioPerl, Python, BioPython, NGS, Epigenetics

    37 days ago

  • To count the number of matches in a string !!! $str = "one.two.three.four"; $n =()= $str =~ /\./gi; print $n; #Tipsoftheday #Perl

    Tags: Tipsoftheday, Perl

    1585 days ago

  • Some useful tricks for next generation seq analyst #Perl #R #C/C++

    Tags: Perl, R, C

    1584 days ago

  • Shyam I

    I am a good Bioinformatic guy, Having good knowledge of  Life science domine with nice programming skill. I always thinking and looking for new ideas.

    Skills: Perl, Python, Biopython, C+, C++, Drug designing, System biology approach, Sequence analysis.

    522 days ago

  • Detect the sequence pattern and its location in fasta file with match and mismatches information.

    This script is one of my old script to detect some centromeric pattern in chromosomes. User can also control the number of mismatches allowed through command line .. To run: perl

    Tags: Centromere, AI, Perl, Pattern, Regular Expression, Extract Region

    1573 days ago

  • Andaleeb

    Skills: C++, Data mining, Perl, Protein sequence/structure annotation

    5 days ago

  • MineshJ

    Skills: C, C++, JAVA, Perl, Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, HTML, XML, R, Matlab, Schrodinger, Discovery Studio, MOE, ChemDraw, Marvin, Modeller, Cytoscape, Cell Designer

    577 days ago

  • Govardhan Anande

    I completed my graduation in Biotechnology from VSBT Baramati, and now Bioinformatics last year PG student from RGIT&BT pune.

    Skills: Microarray, QSAR, Pharmacophore, Docking, Schrödinger, Discovery studio, R, Matlab, Perl, Java, Oracle, PCR, Chromatography, Southern blotting, ELISA

    1237 days ago