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  • Convert space separated data to tab separated: perl -p -i -e 's/\s+/\t/g' file.txt #Perl #Tipsoftheday #Perlonliner

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    1569 days ago

  • Replace N characters with random nucleotide in a FASTA file.

    During sequencing and assembly process Fasta files typically contain invalid characters such as "NNNN", how can I remove those with randon nucleotide charaters A T G C.

    Tags: FASTA, Perl, N characters, Random

    1573 days ago

  • Clean the FASTA file

    Mostly FASTA file contain NNN characters, which can be replace by random A T G C character with this perl script. It also print the FASTA sequence name, N's counts, nucleotide count and percentage details at command prompt/standard output.  

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    1572 days ago

  • Perl Special Variables Quick Reference #Perl

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    1558 days ago

  • Perl Regular expression #Perl #RegularExpression

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    1526 days ago

  • Shruti Paniwala

    I am bioinformatics research fellow in a ICMR laboratory.

    Skills: Perl, BioPerl, Python, BioPython, Molecular Modelling, InSilico predictions

    8 days ago

  • perl -nle 'if (/^>/) { $sl = 0; print; next } next if ($sl >= 200); $_ = substr($_, 0, 200-$sl) if ($sl + length($_) > 200); $sl += length($_); print;' file.fa >new.fa #Perl #Extract #Fasta

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    1327 days ago

  • Useful perl scripts collections #Perl #Scripts

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    1429 days ago

  • Perl module #Perl #Module #Package

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    1427 days ago

  • Remove the blank space from a fasta file. perl -nlwe 'tr/ //d; print if length' fileName #Delete #Space #Fasta #Perl #Oneliner

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    1327 days ago