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  • Online Newick Tree Viewer #Tree #Newick #Onine #ETE #Phylogenetic

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  • Phylogenetic & Molecular Genetics Terms and Definitions

    analog -- A feature that appears similar in two taxa which have originated from two different ancestors. ancestor -- Any organism, population, or species from which some other organism, population, or species is descended by reproduction. apomorphy -- specialized (=derived) characters of an org...

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  • #PhySortR: a fast, flexible tool for sorting #phylogenetic trees in #R

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  • RAMI: a tool for identification and characterization of phylogenetic clusters in microbial communities

    RAMI, which clusters related nodes in a phylogenetic tree based on the patristic distance. RAMI also produces indices of cluster properties and other indices used in population and community studies on-the-fly. Availability: RAMI is licensed under GNU GPL and can be run or downloaded from&n...

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