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  • A-allele of SLC24A5 gene is found to be responsible for variation in skin color of South-East Asians and Europeans

    Key finding: rs1426654 SNP of SLC24A5 gene is decider of skin pigmentation variation in South Asia rs1426654-A allele is widely spread throughout the Indian subcontinent  Skin pigmentation is also account by the combination of processes like selection and demographic history of pop...

    Tags: Skin pigmentation, sequencing, SNP, SLC24A5, population genetics, phylogenetics, coalescence time

    1532 days ago

  • Talkowski Laboratory

    The Talkowski laboratory explores the impact of genomic alterations on human neurodevelopment and neuropsychiatric disorders, and the application of innovations in sequencing technology to genetic diagnostics. Mike received undergraduate degrees in Biology and Psychology and a Ph.D. in Human Gene...

    Tags: Talkowski, Laboratory, Medical, Population Genetics

    40 days ago