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  • Computer simulation of genetic mechanism !!

    ...ate how demographic parameters, populations genetics and abiotic conditi...for detecting recent effective population size reductions from allele process. selection in a structured population

    713 days ago


  • Recombination detection tool

    A program to detect recombination hotspots using population genetic data. More at

    753 days ago

  • Genome STRiP

    Genome STRiP (Genome STRucture In Populations) is a suite of tools for discoveri...need to call your data against a background population, such as a set of genomes fro...e 1000 Genomes Project.  The background population does not need to be matched t...

    537 days ago

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  • Population genomics course EMBO #Italy #Genomics #Population #Course #Training #EMBO

    429 days ago

  • Might be possible that, natural selection(color) work in this aspect. #Selection #Migration #Population

    1659 days ago


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  • Desai Lab

    Evolutionary Dynamics and Population Genetics Natural selection and other evol...c signatures on the genetic variation within populations. We use a combination of th...ry and experiments to study the dynamics and population genetics of natural selection...

    674 days ago

  • Przeworski lab

    ...individuals reflect the combined effects of mutation, recombination, population history and natural roles too subtle to be detected in lab settings, while analyses of population variation allow for inference...

    740 days ago

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  • Immunology in the Gut Mucosa

    The gut mucosa hosts the body's largest population of immune cells. Nature Immunology in collaboration with Arkitek Studios have produced an animation unravelling the complexities of mu...

    1440 days ago

  • Evolution and Cancer

    ...g the host. From the point of view of the cancer-causing somatic cell population, this is evolution driven by...ts, alterations of the regulation of specific growth-promoting genes, population-genetic features that affect...

    1611 days ago



  • Might be possible that, natural selection(color) work in this aspect. #Selection #Migration #Population

    Tags: Selection, Migration, Population

    1659 days ago

  • Workshop on population and metagenomics analysis @ NERC

    Workshop Overview A ten-day workshop taking place between 25 February - 6 March 2014 providing detailed hands-on training for population and meta-genomics analysis for researchers with little or no background in mathematics or computing. Venue: Dartington Hall, Totnes, Devon (nearest train ...

    Tags: NERC, Workshop, Population, Metagenomics, UK

    1546 days ago

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