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    DIAMOND is a sequence aligner for protein and translated DNA searches and functions as a drop-in replacement for the NCBI BLAST software tools. It is suitable for protein-protein search as well as DNA...

    301 days ago

  • Kaiju

    ...rence database containing microbial and viral protein sequences. By default, Kaiju...or the microbial subset of the non-redundant protein database nr used by NCBI BLAS...(MEMs), optionally allowing mismatches in the protein alignment. The search can pro...

    604 days ago

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  • Pepper: Cytoscape app for Protein complex Expansion using Protein-Protein intERaction networks #Protein #Interac

    1279 days ago

  • What Makes a Protein Sequence a Prion? #Protein

    1140 days ago

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  • SCFBio have developed Sanjeevini

    ...r easy analysis of results. Users can now directly download the protein files from PDB ("Get protein PDB file" in `FILE` Menu) and...esign. Sl No. Module name Activity 1 Prepare Protein/DNA Prepares protein/DNA for...

    96 days ago

  • MutaBind

    ...server created through NCBI research efforts that maps mutations on a protein structural complex, calculate...ides you through this process, step by step, starting with selecting a protein complex and inputting PDB cod...

    625 days ago

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  • Computational Structural Biology Lab IITKGP

    ...earch: Molecular recognition: Protein-protein, Protein-Nucleic acid and Pro...ons. Studies on multi-component protein assemblies and protein interactions. Development of protein-protein, protein-RNA docking...ructure prediction. Dynamics of protein-RNA interactions and predicti...

    966 days ago

  • Narcis Fernandez-Fuentes Lab of areas within Bioinformatics. We have a long-standing interest in protein structure prediction and stru...nships. We work in the study of biomolecular interactions, modeling of protein complexes, the study and char...

    1003 days ago

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  • DNA Transcription (Advanced)

    ...ied into messenger RNA (mRNA) for protein production. Originally create...lar Biology: "DNA makes RNA makes protein" Here the process begins. Tra...and it contains the recipe for a protein. A mediator protein complex a...x requires contact with activator proteins, which bind to specific sequ...

    1119 days ago

  • Comparative Genomics in Ensembl

    The Ensembl browser provides viewable whole-genome alignments, homologues and phylogenetic gene trees, protein families, and ancestral sequences. Learn how to view and export these data in this video.

    1127 days ago

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  • Bioinformatics Algorithms

    Bioinformatics Algorithms

    ...mental topics in bioinformatics: assembling genomes, comparing DNA and protein sequences, predicting genes,...g evolutionary trees, analyzing genome rearrangements, and identifying proteins.

    1637 days ago

  • Ruby and BioRuby

    Ruby and BioRuby

    ...ed and developed in the mid-1990s by Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto in Japan. BioRuby is a package of Open Source Ruby code, with classes for DNA and protein sequence analysis, alignment,...

    1655 days ago


  • Master Thesis: Trans-membrane topology prediction through Markov based decoders

    Abstract: Background/Motivation: The dearth of structural information on alpha helical membrane protein (MPs) has hindered thus far the development of reliable knowledge –based potentials that can be used for automatic prediction of trans-membrane (TM) protein structure. While algorithm ...

    Tags: transmembrane, protein, hidden markov model, viterbi, posterior decoding, classifier, Matlab, Machine Learning, Decoder, Discriminant analysis

    1680 days ago

  • Enzyme Portal

    Enzyme Portal- To look for information about the biology of a protein with enzymatic activity. The enzyme portal integrates many resources, most of them hosted by EBI and also external ones such as BioPortal. Its main goal is to provide information about enzymes in a suitable format, with a...

    Tags: protein, enzyme, database

    1632 days ago

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