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  • Master Thesis: Trans-membrane topology prediction through Markov based decoders

    Abstract: Background/Motivation: The dearth of structural information on alpha helical membrane protein (MPs) has hindered thus far the development of reliable knowledge –based potentials that can be used for automatic prediction of trans-membrane (TM) protein structure. While algorithm ...

    Tags: transmembrane, protein, hidden markov model, viterbi, posterior decoding, classifier, Matlab, Machine Learning, Decoder, Discriminant analysis

    1438 days ago

  • Enzyme Portal

    Enzyme Portal- To look for information about the biology of a protein with enzymatic activity. The enzyme portal integrates many resources, most of them hosted by EBI and also external ones such as BioPortal. Its main goal is to provide information about enzymes in a suitable format, with a...

    Tags: protein, enzyme, database

    1390 days ago

  • Molecular Genetics Lecture

    "Robert Sapolsky makes interdisciplinary connections between behavioral biology and molecular genetic influences. He relates protein synthesis and point mutations to microevolutionary change, and discusses conflicting theories of gradualism and punctuated equilibrium and the influence of epigenet...

    Tags: molecular genetics, DNA, protein, mutation, genomics, genetics, epigenetics, molecular evolution

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    ne PhD position is available at the Bioinformatics Center, Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. The PhD position concerns protein structure prediction, and will be in the Structural Bioinformatics group of Associate professor Thomas Hamelryck. The group is an integrated part ...

    Tags: protein, structure prediction, RNA structure, Bayesian algorithm

    1107 days ago

  • Classification of Proteins (CLAP)- #protein

    Tags: protein

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  • #GECA: a fast tool for #gene #evolution and #conservation analysis in #eukaryotic #protein #families.

    Tags: GECA, gene, evolution, conservation, eukaryotic, protein, families

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  • RCSB PDB Sept'13 Release

    RCSB PDB Sept'13 Release offers following new features: - New tools to search for drugs and drug targets- Improved interface for 3D visualisation using Jmol/JSmol- An update to the representation of protein symmetry and stoichiometry.- Improvements when performing sequence searches. Reference ...

    Tags: PDB, RCSB, Protein, New Release

    1388 days ago


    Genome sequencing projects have enormous potential for benefiting human endeavors. However, just as acquiring a language's vocabulary does not enable one to speak it, databases that list the amino acid composition of proteins do not directly tell us much about these proteins' higher-level structu...

    Tags: Protein, Motif, evolution, Blast, HMM, Dr. R.Sowdhamini, India

    1378 days ago

  • Anders Krogh Lab

    In a lot of my work in bioinformatics, I have been using hidden Markov models (HMMs). As a postdoc with David Haussler at UCSC we developed the so-called profile HMMs (refs). Since then I have applied HMMs to membrane proteins (refs) and gene identification (refs) and have worked on methods for s...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Algorithms, Copenhagen, Protein

    1363 days ago

  • Molecular Modelling and Drug Design

    Molecular Modelling and Drug Design

    This group is desing to inform, update and discuss the old or new bioinformatics/computational biology software.

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