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  • RCSB PDB Sept'13 Release

    RCSB PDB Sept'13 Release offers following new features: - New tools to search for drugs and drug targets- Improved interface for 3D visualisation using Jmol/JSmol- An update to the representation of protein symmetry and stoichiometry.- Improvements when performing sequence searches. Reference ...

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    1600 days ago

  • An entire genome written in lab

    This is the first time ever the genetic code has been fundamentally changed. The breakthrough is a huge step forward in synthetic biology and opens up the possibility of turning re-coded bacteria into biofactories, capable of producing potent new forms of protein that could fight disease or gener...

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    1550 days ago

  • “On” and “Off” the neuron !!!

    Optogenetics is a recent innovation in neuroscience that gives researchers the ability to control the activity of neurons with light. With this powerful tool, researchers are teasing apart the biological basis of memory, behavior, and disease (see “Scientists Make Mice ‘Remember&rsquo...

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    1368 days ago

  • Scientists map 17,294 proteins produced in human body

    Indian scientists missed the genomic profiling bus, but they've more than made up for it by creating the first human proteome map which is an extension of the genomic study. Till now, here is no direct equivalent for the human proteome. But recently two groups present mass spectrometry-based anal...

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    1335 days ago

  • NCBI Webinar

    In less than two weeks, NCBI will offer a webinar entitled "Introducing 3 NCBI Resources to Navigate Testing for Disease Linked Variants: MedGen, GTR and ClinVar". This webinar will delve into the lifecycle of genetic testing and teach attendees how to navigate the NIH Genetic Testing Registry, C...

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    1325 days ago

  • dcGOR

    An R package for analysing ontologies and protein domain annotations has been published in PLoS Computational Biology ( The package is distributed as part of CRAN (, and also at GitHub for version control.The ...

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    1171 days ago

  • MutaBind

    MutaBind is a new computational method and server created through NCBI research efforts that maps mutations on a protein structural complex, calculates changes in binding affinity, identifies deleterious mutations and produces a downloadable mutant structural model. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.g...

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    595 days ago