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  • Amino Acid Flash Tutorial

    Protein is a part of every cell in your body, and no other nutrient plays as many different roles in keeping you alive and healthy. Protei...

    1289 days ago

  • Bioistats PPT

    Basics concepts of Probability: The Study of Randomness Biostatistics is the app...wide range of topics in biology. The science of biostatistics encompasses the design of biological experiments, es...

    265 days ago

  • Master Thesis: Trans-membrane topology prediction through Markov based decoders

    Abstract: Background/Motivation: The dearth of structural information on alpha helical membrane protein (MPs) has hindered thus far t...ic prediction of trans-membrane (TM) protein structure. While algorithm fo...equences in a standard dataset of 86 protei...

    1680 days ago