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  • How to install Perl modules manually, using CPAN command, and other quick ways

    As a bioinformatics programmer, and crunchy data analyser you need to install several perl modules and dependencies. Installing Perl modules manually by resolving all the dependencies is  tedious and annoying process. Some of the packages like GD is the real pain. However, Installing Perl mo...

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    1655 days ago

  • Is there any quick way to replace an existing substring with a new substring in a string?

    I am currently using a s/// regex like this: $str =~ s/$find/$replace/g; Looking for some other quicker way for the same. Thanks

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    1264 days ago

  • Fancy One-Liner #Perl #OneLiner #Bioinformatics #Quick #Common #Tricks #CommandLine #Terminal

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    934 days ago

  • A recommended Pdf reader #Pdf #Science #Quick #Easy #UserFriendly

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    932 days ago

  • Perl Special Vars Quick Reference

    $_ The default or implicit variable. @_ Subroutine parameters. $a$b sort comparison routine variables. @ARGV The command-line args. Regular Expressions $<digit> Regexp parenthetical capture holders. $& Last successful match (degrades perfor...

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    349 days ago

  • Quick next generation sequencing (NGS) terms definition

    fragment size: the Illumina WGS protocol generates paired-end reads from both ends of longer fragments. The lengths of these fragments are assumed to be sampled from a normal distribution. Therefore, in the absence of structural variants, mapping locations of the paired ends span within an i...

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    227 days ago

  • Perl basics #Perl #quick

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    209 days ago