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  • Linux Cheat Sheet

    In an attempt to find a good Linux reference for bioinformatician and BOL readers, I was unsuccessful at finding a decent one on the Internet. So, we decided to make a cheat sheet for biological programmers.

    1692 days ago

  • Regular Expression Cheat Sheet

    The Regular Expression are the sole of Perl language, and for bioinformatician it is just a magical stick to resolve gingatic string data. W...good and user friendly regular expression cheat sheet, hence writ...g, assertions and some sample patterns to get you started.

    1692 days ago

  • Bioinformatics approach to Boar Taint

    Meat products obtained from intact male pigs often produce offensive smell or odour which is recognized as a complex genetic...and Skatole in the fat primarily cause boar taint. Meta...NL) and Duroc (D) pigs with varied boar taint levels were don...

    1529 days ago

  • Master Thesis: Trans-membrane topology prediction through Markov based decoders

    Abstract: Background/Motivation: The dearth of structural information on alpha helical membrane protein (MPs) has hindered...potentials that can be used for automatic prediction of trans...Conclusion/Implementation: Here discriminant data mining app...

    1684 days ago

  • India's own first drug - from Biocon.

    Psoriasis is immune-mediated disea...ystem of human beings. In generally occurs, when the immune s...faulty signals that cause overproduction of new skin cells....Alzumab (a biologic) in the form of a vial after working on i...pieces. A patient is usually prescribed to consume more than...

    1659 days ago

  • Bioinformatician needs ten heads !!!

    Bioinformatics demands more and ... lots more knowledge. In this case Ravan, a mythological character from the Ramayan, can only be a real bioinformatician. :) :P

    1651 days ago

  • Bioinformatician Dreams

    Bioinformatician life is interconnected, they always dream for a powerful server, little more space on server as they are generating lots of data per run, dream to publish results in good impact journals, meetings reminders :) and research analysis off course!!! 

    1649 days ago

  • Life of BI !!!

    Hmm .. Don't worry you read it right .. this is not pi but bi ... "life of Bioinformatician(BI)".  Disclaimer: This cartoon is solely designed to create humour and fun, not to offend any PI, supervisor or student.

    1645 days ago

  • Infected planet..

    This pic shows the my thinking about earth..this is my own creation!........if we think about earth in big view humans are very small object on earth like virus.... t...nfected the earth by disturbing in natural process of earth...... (one mor...

    1615 days ago

  • Ancestor at work !!!

    When they will learn Bioinformatics :)

    1490 days ago