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  • Bioinformatician become producer/director !!!

    If a Bioinformatician starts producing Hindi Bollywood m...BLAST : Eak khoj Munna Bhai Promoter Gene se Genome tak. M...I wale Data le jayenge  Raju ban gaya Genefinder. Har...gaya. BLASTana FASTAna. Hamari Sequence aapke pass hai. BL...f Rehta Hai PDB Ek Numbari Structure Dus Numbari GCG Karo S...

    1658 days ago

  • Perl Poem: Parse it in both Perl and English!

    Larry's, er, corpus has fortunately been overshadowed by that of the reigning Perl Poet, Sharon Hopk...d "Camels and Needles: Computer Poetry Meets the Perl Program...both the Economist and the Guardian: #!/usr/bin/perl APPEAL...ength(of-days) # listen (a perl poem)# Sharon Hopkins# rev....

    1658 days ago

  • Bioinformatician special skills !!

    Bioinformatician and Computational biologist are the only programmers on Earth who can explain multiplication and division are the same. Pretty codes for...(?!\\$).)*)/; $line =~ /^(.+)(e|r)(.*)$/; /"(?:[^"\\]++|\\.)*+...2 types of programmers in the world: one who understand ATGC, a...

    1635 days ago

  • Golden Rules of Bioinformatics

    All constant are variable. Copy and paste is a genetic error. First solve the problem, then write the code. No matter what goes wrong, it will insoluble if enough metting are held to discuss it. :P Stas...mmer goes on summer holiday with raincoat. [because see 1] Than...

    1655 days ago

  • Chemical Elements of Bioinformatics

    You must be familiar with periodic table and colour pattern, but this time you are going to amaze by new elements table by Eagle genomics. Just check it out and have fun :)

    1613 days ago

  • What a bioinformatician always dream for ???

    Well established bioinformatics labs with SGI(silicon graphics interface) License of all commercial softwares. Complete, and fu...of the girl :P A girl/boy with lesser E-values and higher compatibi...almost all genomics and proteomics servers. All eBooks of bioinform...

    1584 days ago

  • The Best Bioinformatics / Computational Biology Quotes

    Bioinformatician are not anti-social; We are just genome friendly. Bioinformatician would love to change t...s the genetic code :P If at first you don't succeed; call it...'m BioGeek. Fedup with LIPS, try God script. Idiot, Go ahead...e ! Be nice to the BioGeek, for all you know they might be th...

    1460 days ago

  • BioGeek Fun

    1. A futuristic computational biology student was told to write "It is in my gene!!!" on the board 100 times as a punishment. h...$count <=100; $count++) { print "It is in my gene!!!";}I g.... .}   3. One more interesting message in Perl found &...

    1441 days ago

  • Introduction to programming. Write short programs that generate graphics and animation.

    Introduction to programming. Write short programs that generate graphics and animation.

    1291 days ago

  • Bioinformatics Jokes !!

    Why was the Bioinformatics fired from his job? A: He was ge...  What did the bioinformatician say when he found out his team stopped using version control? A: Y&rsquo;all...ys so sleepy? A: He/She wasn&rsquo;t given any Java.  ...Why computational biologist are cool? A: Because they are s...

    920 days ago