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  • Donnelly Centre of Cellular & Biomolecular Research (CCBR), Bader Lab

    We study the organization and evolution of biolog...computational biology and bioinformatics techniques. We seek to accurately predict links, such as s...cs data like genome sequence and transcript profiles. We are inte...oftware. Predicting biologically relevant protein interactions...

    1684 days ago

  • IBL laboratory

    The IBL laboratory focuses on the multi-disciplinary analyses of the global responses of model microorganisms, cyanobacteria (mai...803) and yeasts (mainly Saccharomyces cerevisae) to environme...grative-et-genetique-moleculaire-sbigem/laboratoire-de-biolog...

    1655 days ago

  • Dumontier Lab

    Our research aims to better understand how living systems respond to chemical agents. A key aspect of our approach involves using computationa...make effectively use of vast and diverse amounts of biomedical knowl...als and how this translates into altered capabilities at the molecul...

    1684 days ago

  • The Upton (VBRC) lab

    This Bioinformatics Resource (, the Canadian half of the now defunct VBRC) focuses on large DNA viruses: Poxviruses African Swine Fever Viru...

    1684 days ago

  • Jayaram Lab

    Responsible (a) for developing Chemgenome, Bhageerath & Sanjeevini methods & softwares for genome annotation, prot...cture prediction & computer aided drug design respectivel...Interest Genome Analysis, Protein Structure Prediction and...

    1684 days ago

  • BC Cancer Agency Genome Sciences Centre

    Research Area Genome analysis, genome visualization, mutation detection, molecular docking, comparative genomics, cancer informatics Link @

    1684 days ago

  • Nedelec Lab

    Location :European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), Heidelberg, Germany. Our long-term research objective is to und...on mitosis. We develop in-vitro assays, quantitative image, and involved in Cell networks. Link: http://www.cytosi...

    1684 days ago

  • Mona Singh Lab

    The group develops algorithms for a diverse set of problems in computational molecular biology. They are particularly interested in predicting specificity in protein interactions and uncover...individuals. Links:

    1684 days ago

  • Queensland Centre for Medical Genomics, Grimmond Lab

    Queensland Centre for Medical Genomics Research Area: pancreatic cancer; ovarian cancer; prostate cancer; bowel cancer; brain cancer; endometrial cancer; breast cancer; personalised medicine; high-throughput genomics Link @

    1684 days ago

  • Ragan Lab

    Computational systems biology Research Area: breast cancer; pancreatic cancer; prostate cancer; gastrointestinal disorders; urohaemolytic disorders; staphylococcal diseases

    1684 days ago