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  • How to find a files in a folder or sub folders?

    Hi Bioinformaticians,  I am new to bioinformatics and Perl. So, please execuse me if I disturb you all with newbie question. I am strugling to find a specific files (cattle_genome.fasta) from a folder and sub folders, and read it. I got some of the help form this website http://s...

    Tags: Recursively Search, Folders, Sub Folder, Find, Read, Search, Perl.

    1627 days ago

  • MafTools

    maftools - An R package to summarize, analyze and visualize MAF files. Introduction. With advances in Cancer Genomics, Mutation Annotation Format (MAF) is being widley accepted and used to store variants detected. The Cancer Genome Atlas Project has seqenced over 30 different cancers with sample...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Maf, Tools, MafTools, Paint, Plot, Read

    339 days ago

  • BIGMAC : breaking inaccurate genomes and merging assembled contigs for long read metagenomic assembly

    This tool is for users to upgrade their metagenomics assemblies using long reads. This includes fixing mis-assemblies and scaffolding/gap-filling. If you encounter any issues, please contact me at My name is Ka-Kit Lam. ht...

    Tags: BIGMAC, Breaking, Inaccurate, Genomes, Merging, Assembled, Contigs, Long, Read, Metagenomic, Assembly

    244 days ago

  • Grinder / Biogrinder - A versatile omics shotgun and amplicon sequencing read simulator

    Grinder is a versatile program to create random shotgun and amplicon sequence libraries based on DNA, RNA or proteic reference sequences provided in a FASTA file. Grinder can produce genomic, metagenomic, transcriptomic, metatranscriptomic, proteomic, metaproteomic shotgun and amplicon datasets...

    Tags: Grinder, Biogrinder, Versatile, Omics, Shotgun, Amplicon, Sequencing, Read, simulator

    242 days ago

  • 1mb long DNA with Nanopore technology

    The first continuous DNA read of more than a million bases (>1Mb) has been achieved, using Oxford Nanopore sequencing technology. Congratulations to Martin Smith and collaborators! Read more:

    Tags: Read, nanopore, ngs, sequencing, 1mb

    33 days ago

  • BBSplit: Read Binning Tool for Metagenomes and Contaminated Libraries

    BBSplit internally uses BBMap to map reads to multiple genomes at once, and determine which genome they match best. This is different than with ordinary mapping. If a genome (say, human) contains an exact repeat somewhere, reads mapping to it will be mapped ambiguously. But if you want to determi...

    Tags: BBSplit, Read, Binning, Tool, Metagenomes, Contaminated, Libraries

    18 days ago

  • ECTOOLS: Long Read Correction and other Correction tools

    Long Read Correction and other Correction tools This package is a loose collection of scripts. To run the correctionroutine see the section below. Descriptions of the other scriptsare at the bottom of this file. Contact: In short, the correction algorithm takes as input the u...

    Tags: Long, Read, Correction, Correction, tools, ectools

    16 days ago

  • LRCstats: Long Read Correction Statistics

    LRCstats is an open-source pipeline for benchmarking DNA long read correction algorithms for long reads outputted by third generation sequencing technology such as machines produced by Pacific Biosciences. The reads produced by third generation sequencing technology, as the name suggests, are lon...

    Tags: LRCstats, Long, Read, Correction, Statistics, pacbio, nanopore

    16 days ago

  • PEAR: a fast and accurate Illumina Paired-End reAd mergeR

    PEAR is an ultrafast, memory-efficient and highly accurate pair-end read merger. It is fully parallelized and can run with as low as just a few kilobytes of memory. PEAR evaluates all possible paired-end read overlaps and without requiring the target fragment size as input. In addition, it ...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, pair-end, read, merger, PEAR

    655 days ago

  • TULIP - The Uncorrected Long read Itegration Pipeline

    #Running TULIP (The Uncorrected Long-read Integration Process), version 0.4 late 2016 (European eel) TULIP currently consists of to Perl scripts, tulipseed.perl and tulipbulb.perl. These are very much intended as prototypes, and additional components and/or implementations are likely to follow.&...

    Tags: TULIP, Uncorrected, Long, read, Itegration, Pipeline

    59 days ago