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    DESCHRAMBLER is shown to produce highly accurate reconstructions using data simulation and by benchmarking it against other reconstruction tools You can find the detail of reconstructed data at

    201 days ago


    The automated reconstruction of genome sequences in ancient genome analysis is a multifaceted process. EAGER encompasses both state-of-the-art tools for each step as well as new...

    401 days ago

  • TeachEnG: Teaching Engine for Genomics

    ...earchers understand key bioinformatics concepts. The current version includes interactive modules for sequence alignment and phylogenetic tree reconstruction algorithms, with accompanying...

    33 days ago

  • bipype are three input options: amplicons, WGS (whole genome sequences) and metatranscriptomic data. If amplicons are input data, then bipype does reconstruction and pairs merging. After that...

    411 days ago

  • MGRA: Breakpoint graphs and ancestral genome reconstructions

    MGRA (Multiple Genome Rearrangements and Ancestors) is a tool for reconstruction of ancestor genomes and evolutionary history of extant genomes. It takes as an input a set of genomes rep...

    175 days ago

  • RNA-Seq De novo Assembly Using Trinity

    ...inity, developed at the Broad Institute and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, represents a novel method for the efficient and robust de novo reconstruction of transcriptomes from RNA-se...

    664 days ago

  • FSA: Fast Statistical Alignment

    ...ent algorithm which uses a "distance-based" approach to aligning homologous protein, RNA or DNA sequences. Much as distance-based phylogenetic reconstruction methods like Neighbor-Joining...

    344 days ago