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  • Bioinformatician’s Pocket Reference !!

    It is amusing how brain of bioinformaticians work! Learning a new programming language for days feels so much of fun that making 5 minute discussion with neighbours (unless under special circumstances!) in our own mother-tongue. Today every bioinformatician keeps more than few languages and core ...

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    1354 days ago

  • Ragout—a reference-assisted assembly tool for bacterial genomes #Genome #Assembly #Reference #Ragout #Bacteria

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    1267 days ago

  • Reference-free Prediction of Rearrangement Breakpoint Reads #Reference #Breakpoint #Reads #Rearrangement

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    1255 days ago

  • Reference genomics #Genomics #Reference

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    1119 days ago

  • RACA: Reference-Assisted Chromosome Assembly

    Rreference-Assisted Chromosome Assembly (RACA), an algorithm to reliably order and orient sequence scaffolds generated by NGS and assemblers into longer chromosomal fragments using comparative genome information and paired-end reads. http://bioen-comp...

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    687 days ago

  • mrFAST: Micro Read Fast Alignment Search Tool

    mrFAST is a read mapper that is designed to map short reads to reference genome with a special emphasis on the discovery of structural variation and segmental duplications. mrFAST maps short reads with respect to user defined error threshold, including indels up to 4+4 bp. This manual, describes ...

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    667 days ago


    Background. Next-generation sequencing technologies are now producing multiple times the genome size in total reads from a single experiment. This is enough information to reconstruct at least some of the differences between the individual genome studied in the experiment and the reference genome...

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    454 days ago

  • Perl Special Vars Quick Reference

    $_ The default or implicit variable. @_ Subroutine parameters. $a$b sort comparison routine variables. @ARGV The command-line args. Regular Expressions $<digit> Regexp parenthetical capture holders. $& Last successful match (degrades perfor...

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    380 days ago

  • YASRA: Reference based assembler

    YASRA (Yet Another Short Read Assembler) performs comparative assembly of short reads using a reference genome, which can differ substantially from the genome being sequenced. Mapping reads to reference genomes makes use of LASTZ (Harris et al), a pairwise sequence aligner compatible with BLASTZ....

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    358 days ago

  • DIAL

    A computational pipeline for identifying single-base substitutions between two closely related genomes without the help of a reference genome. DIAL works even when the depth of coverage is insufficient for de novo assembly, and it can be extended to determine small insertions/deletions. Our main ...

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    358 days ago