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  • Basic Notions in Molecular Biology and Genetics his years of undergraduate state related to molecular cloning. Our research group, called "BIOPHARM" (Acr...owadays, we're working on some projects involved in those fields. This research group belongs to the Departme...

    1402 days ago

  • Structural variants PPT

    1000 Genomes data tutorial at ASHG Structural variants presentation by Jan Korbel European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) Heidelberg Genome Biology Research Unit Reference:

    497 days ago

  • Bioinformatician at work !!!

    Yet another peep up view of a bioinformatician research laboratory ...

    1243 days ago

  • Bioinformatician Dreams

    Bioinformatician life is interconnected, they always dream for a powerful server, little more space on server as they are generating lots of data per run, dream to publish results in good impact journals, meetings reminders :) and research analysis off course!!! 

    1609 days ago

  • Bioinformatics Vacancy

    The Leiden University Medical Center is a modern university medical centre for research, instruction and patient care with a high quality profile and a strong scientific orientation. T...

    1527 days ago

  • Statistics Using R with Biological Examples

    This book is a manifestation of my desire to teach researchers in biology a bit more about statistics than an...n light of the increasing use of higher level statistics in biomedical research. I hope it accomplishes this...

    230 days ago