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  • Research with help of bioinformatics helpful

    Endocrinologist G.R. Sridhar says Research with the help of bioinformatics with a trans-disciplinary approach is yielding good results.

    1514 days ago

  • Make Genomic Research Less Ethnically-Biased

    ...might call it. The problem: most samples of DNA analyzed in biomedical research come from people of European...arlyle/2013/10/30/carlos-slim-gives-another-74-million-to-make-genomic-research-less-ethnically-biased/?utm_c...

    1425 days ago

  • Aravind J Shankar gets all India rank 1 in BINC, 2016

    ...d tests their theoretical and practical knowledge across three phases of examination. He is entitled to receive a DBT research fellowship leading to a Ph.D. from any premier research institute in India.

    433 days ago

  • Interactive Market Intelligence

    BioInformatics LLC, a premier research and advisory firm serving the life science in...telligence— the only cloud-based market research analytics tool for the life s...ive Market Intelligence platform. The primary research analysis is based on a survey...

    980 days ago

  • An Explosion Of Bioinformatics Careers

    ...e amounts of biological and health care information. With the rapid development of new tools to make sense of life science research and outcomes, spurred by innovative research in bioinformatics itself, sci...

    1191 days ago

  • Genome Origami

    ...dynamic process that changes over time (!!). Researchers around the world have been...the NIH Director’s Blog highlights new research illustrating how the human ge...NA folding loops are part of the answer. This research team, which published their f...

    1017 days ago

  • UGC Proposed Penalties for Copying in Publications

    Soon a research scholar could face cancellation of his or her of “Level 1and 2“ offence, the researchers would get a chance to revi...ities“ would result in cancellation of the researcher's registration. More at&nb...

    15 days ago

  • The anatomy of successful computational biology software successful, the unique challenges of developing them for biological research and how the field of computational biology, as a whole, can move research agendas forward. What follows...

    1445 days ago

  • BINC examination 2015 !!!

    ...2013 examination,17 candidates were certified. DBT has agreed to fund Research fellowships for all the; meet the criteria of the institutes/universities in order to avail research fellowship. In addition, cash...

    1000 days ago

  • New born babies get ready to know their whole genome soon!!!

    ...ild Health and Human Development (NICHD) and the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), both parts...year 2013 under the Genomic Sequencing and Newborn Screening Disorders research program. The program will be...

    1480 days ago